We offer a variety of L’Acoustics sound systems, JBL Vertec System and QSC Wideline System.

JBL’s latest generation of high-powered, lightweight Differential Drive® transducers, coupled to our proven line array technology, is at the core of VerTec® systems and is a direct response to the rental sound industry’s demand for reduced system size and complexity while simultaneously delivering highly advanced performance. Rugged, integral array suspension hardware ensures fast, reliable setups and takedowns. For maximum inventory flexibility, the Compact Models VT4881A and VT4887A and the Midsize Models VT4882 and VT4888 are pre-engineered to accept the JBL Drivepack® electronic modules with robust Crown amplification and dbx digital signal processing. This family of line array elements is ready to meet whatever system format your business operations and clients demand.
The WL2102 WideLine-10 Line Array Speaker System from QSC is a full range line array loudspeaker system designed for use in a wide variety of venues. The WideLine-10 features a wide 140° horizontal coverage pattern. It is a three transducer system and can be operated in either bi-amplified or tri-amplified modes. Both 10″ diameter low frequency transducers are used to cover the lowest frequency range. One driver covers only low frequencies while the range of the other extends through the mid frequencies to the mid/high crossover point. The use of a single midrange transducer allows the horizontal coverage pattern to remain wide and to assure smooth response both on and off axis at the transition to the diffraction slot loaded high frequency section. Bi-amplification uses passive elements to affect the required frequency response shading of the low-frequency drivers and offers reduced amplifier channel counts and simplified wiring. Tri-amplification allows the required low-frequency shading to be controlled with greater precision via active electronics and is recommended where maximum output and high sound quality are required.
V-DOSC – Large Format Line Source
V-DOSC® has revolutionized the loudspeaker industry with its outstanding sonic results for large format live sound reinforcement applications. L-ACOUSTICS® V-DOSC® is the first full frequency line source array based on the principles of Wavefront Sculpture Technology®. V-DOSC® possesses an exceptional level of rider-friendliness for touring and installation

At the heart of V-DOSC® is the internationally-patented DOSC® waveguide which fulfills WST® criteria at high frequencies, allowing elements to couple coherently and create a single, continuous, isophasic sound source. As a result, V-DOSC® is a full-spectrum coherent system, whereas conventional horn and driver assemblies suffer interference throughout most of their operating bandwidth.

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